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About Deviant Artist Jami Lynn CiamborFemale/United States Group :iconeliteemotionalart: EliteEmotionalArt
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Newest Deviations

One Last
I ask for one last kiss
One that will send shivers down my spine
I ask for one last hug
One that will warm my heart and soul
I ask for one last moment
One that I will remember when you've left
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
I Love You
And of all the fish
in all of the salty sea
you're the one for me
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
Pedo Bear Sees Behind Him :iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 2 0
Beauty shines beyond the trees
She lies there wondering
When it shall come to her
As the seasons change
She waits patiently
Leaving her mind in the sky
Wishing on every shooting star
Staring at the shinning moon
Wondering when the beauty shall come
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 3
Do not weep
Do not cry
Go to sleep now
For tomorrow is a new day
One step closer
To us being together
Once again
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
On the surface of the mask
Shows a calm and ready face
That appears to be ready
To take on any challenge that faces it
But underneath the mask
Is a terrified soul afraid
To face the world
Yet has no choice
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 1
Bittersweet Lies
Sweet words are said
They turn to ice in mind
Their all a bitter lie
No matter how hard you try
To beleive their real
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 1
You Aren't Here
When sitting in my room alone
Not being able to sit still
Or having nothing to do at all
I think of my favorite place
My special safe house
The place I can always go
Whether I'm stressed
Or just need out
A smile comes across my face
Then I pick up my phone and enter the text
"Hey, Darling, can I come over?"
Before I hit the send button
I realize I can't go to my favorite place
I can't go to my special safe house
Because you are my favorite place
You are my special safe house
But you aren't here anymore
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 0
She fell to her knees, and dropped the razor
The water continued to fall from the shower
Pain has spread throughout her body
The feeling have gotten so much stronger
So she collapsed in tub, and cried
She just cried and cried and cried
Because she finally couldn't take it anymore
and broke down
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 2
I Will Come Back
No matter how much she screamed, nothing would change. The news destroyed her. She cried for hours and hours, yet he still held her. Stroking her hair just to try and calm her down. She just sobbed more whenever he did.
"It'll be alright, Love. Time will pass and I'll be back before you know it."
He tried to wipe her tears, but it didn't really work. The tears were still dripping down her face. she gripped him tighter, and shoved her face into his chest.
"It will feel like forever," she mumbled "I don't want you to go. Please don't leave me here. What will I do..?"
"I have no choice, I'm sorry darling. I'd stay if I could." He kissed her upon the forehead. "I want you to stay strong for me."
She began to cry even more, not know how to handle this or what to say. She sat up and look him into his hazel eyes. They looked at each other for what seemed like forever, but was only 2 minutes. He kissed her on the lips, then pulled away.
"I will come back. I can promise you that. I won't leave
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
What's The Point
What's the point in holding on
When all that you love
And all that you want and need
Is gone
Leaving you alone to face the world
On your own
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 3 7
Still Leaving
I beg and I plead
Yet you're still leaving me
No matter how hard I try
No matter what I do
Nothing will change
You will still be leaving me
I have to keep my head up though
Because you said you'll return
"To my sweet kiss" you once said
The the pain of you leaving will fade
Then I'll get anxious for your return
But until then
I'll have all of our memories
Locked in my head
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
In our hearts
You're not gone
You're all around us
The sun shine all over
All the little rain drops
The shadow on the ground
Every little thing
You may not be coming home
Because you're already there
In our hearts always
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 1
You sneak up behind us
Take the ones we love by surprise
Leaving us in tears
And without a friend to talk to
Or a family member to visit
Your dreadful curse takes lives everyday
Makes people suffer day in and day out
Families suffer everyday because of you
You silence people
Who still have a lot of things ahead of them
Why do you have to be so cruel?
Why do you have to take our loved ones?
Why can't you just leave us be,
So we can continue on without constantly
Being afraid that you'll show up at our door step.
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 9
I'll stay up all night
With my window open
So I can listen to the breeze
The rain will start up soon
The sound of it trickling down
Will soothe me greatly
Leaving me relaxed
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 0
You have given me purpose
A reason to live
You brought light to my soul
Love into my heart
You are my strength
You're why I'm still breathing
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 3

Random Favourites

Lies and betrayal
"Baby, I never meant to hurt you"
(That's a lie)
Acting like I had no feelings
"I won't forget you"
(That's a lie)
Until the next one
"I'll treasure the happy memories"
(That's a lie)
There aren't happy ones
(These are all lies and you know it)
I won't listen no more
I'm leaving
You betrayed me
One time too much
:iconkalyblu:Kalyblu 12 8
I cannot help but begin to think that I am finally insane
Every single day I can feel the continuous mental strain
It has gotten to the point where I have started seeing things
My actions feel controlled, like a puppet on a bunch of strings
I think this has all happened because I was alone for so long
Although it might be because all of my choices have been wrong
The things I am seeing continue throughout the night
Though now I use them as inspiration to help me write
I do not want to tell you many details about all the things I see
The horrors of it all is something from which you need to stay free
You are actually managing to help me begin to recover
The way to help myself you have managed to uncover
Because of you and only you the horrors are beginning to disappear
Maybe because of all you done my mental stability will get the all clear
:iconblueturtle9:Blueturtle9 17 12
Forget Me
I'm beginning to despise the words
I'm sorry
They hold no meaning
once you've said them more than twenty times an hour
The tears are getting old
as they salt your shining face
Glistening like pearls
Falling in perfect balance
It couldn't have been more rehearsed
Your words would mean more to me
if they hadn't changed so much
Which story will you tell me now?
The one where you are to blame
or is it her today?
Come on, tell me the truth
For a few moments there you forgot
Forgot about the promises we made
Forgot the love you claim is mine alone
Forgot that we had made a life together
For just a second, a heartbeat, a lifetime
you forgot about me
:iconlestatmalfoy:LestatMalfoy 17 5
the soft sound of a silent scream
tore through my soul, left me beaten
like a fallen angel with wings broken
broken by your anger
every cry lasted a lifetime
every fight took a piece of me
every scar reminds me...
of how we once were, we loved.
i let my heart build me a road
and it led straight back to you.
i let my sorrow build me a staircase
which led me back in your embrace
the stories tell of a broken man
they tell of how something bad
can turn into something amazing
how a broken heart can be rebuild
how lost trust can be found again.
how even the darkest nights end
and the sun will shine again, but not for me.
for me the sun only shows my fear
of how i will lose you, one day
of how i will make a mistake that will end it
no matter how hard i try
no matter how hard i fight
i never seem to understand why.
why you hate me, why you love me?
maybe it is best to leave me
to never see me again
just to protect you from my pain
just leave me be, leave me with all i am
all my missery, all my
:iconmaseater:Maseater 114 22
I do
The summer when we first met.
It was love at first sight.
It started off with a couple of bets.
Wasn't long till I knew you were right.
The fall when we started to date.
When we first kissed.
When we knew our fate.
When my you met my lips.
The winter when it was hard.
When I wanted to let go.
When I lost all guard.
When I forgot about our first hello.
The spring when it all was fine.
When you asked me to marry you.
When I knew you were to be mine.
When I said I do.
:iconyuzi-12:yuzi-12 12 75
Pacman :iconboorjoo:BooRJoo 9,194 1,440
The Truths
When you look at me, what do you see?
Seeing that smile, could you guess what I hold back?
Hearing that laugh, could you sense the pain?
When we talk, can you tell that I leave so much out?
When I say I am fine,do you know what is behind that?
Is it just me, or do you miss alot?
When you really look at me , Do you really see me?
Do you even know that there is so much you don't see?
I can tell you what you see
A girl that isn't really there anymore
A hollow shell
That if you were to put under pressure
Would be gone in an instant
That is why she has so much protections
Why there is alway people around her
OF course you don't see what she is holding back
You hardly know that girl
Or, at least not the one that the rest of the world does
The funny thing is, she doesn't want you to
She feels if you see the scars you would walk away to
Even though when that laugh sounds you can tell something is off
You will never call her on it
You shouldn't ask questions if you aren't ready for the answers
:iconsakura2349:Sakura2349 35 24
last night, she said
the television falls quiet
and i am entangled in you.
veins creep
sunlit, on fire;
i am winding my way,
a vine,
round your body.
the uncertainty of our static,
fire from bodies,
still i am not afraid-
you tell me i am beautiful
and my nakedness
cannot change this.
i am holding in my breath
and stomach as i watch my
shirt fall, but you
are so warm that
you make me feel
without cotton barriers,
skin presses to skin,
more contact for more
sleep fades to waking
your fingers are still
on my skin
and my hands are still
on your chest.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 112 30
You are beautiful... :iconlizzdurr121:LizzDurr121 2,429 308
Dead From the Start
I trusted you.
[I shouldn't have.]
Tenderly, I handed you my heart.
[You ate it like a cannibal, then spit it back out.]
I gave you my firsts.
[The pain you gave back was unbearable.]
Our hands fit together like sand.
[But it felt like glass.]
Wishing our nights together would never end.
[The stars were dead those nights.]
A kiss to my cheek.
[A knife in my breast.]
:iconcollateral-damage666:Collateral-Damage666 31 5
you + me :iconplastickheart:plastickheart 5,512 1,183
The Girl Who Has Everything
And she really is
Quite the beautiful girl.
    Quite the talented poet.
            Quite the genius artist.
How can she feel bad about herself?
How can she want to be someone else,
When every time I read her poem,
See her picture,
Hear her voice,
I know I'd give anything to be like her?
What can I say to the girl
Who's scared of herself?
I think
She's not afraid that she can't do it.
    She's afraid that she can
              Better than anyone else could even dream to.
I think
What this all comes down to
    Is that she's scared
               Of scaring us.
:iconravenatawritingdesk:Ravenatawritingdesk 42 22
Today I smiled
        I smiled today
because you were never not smiling.
        I laughed today
because you had the sweetest laugh.
        I spoke out today
because your voice could influence all.
          I smiled today,
           and laughed,
     and spoke true from my heart
      because I remembered
  how you could brighten anyones day,
     and change peoples lives.
:iconevilsmilyface:evilsmilyface 36 4
Hold Me
I want you to turn around while we're walking apart,
And grab my wrist and pull me in.
It doesn't have to be a kiss
Just hold me, that's it.
I promise I won't shake you off,
No matter how angry I seem to be.
I promise I won't turn away or refuse you,
No matter what we're fighting about.
What makes me sad,
Is that you don't see
That all I want is for you
To hold me.
:iconfallingslowly47:fallingslowly47 31 23


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