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One Last
I ask for one last kiss
One that will send shivers down my spine
I ask for one last hug
One that will warm my heart and soul
I ask for one last moment
One that I will remember when you've left
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
I Love You
And of all the fish
in all of the salty sea
you're the one for me
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
Pedo Bear Sees Behind Him by Ginger-Lynn Pedo Bear Sees Behind Him :iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 2 0
Beauty shines beyond the trees
She lies there wondering
When it shall come to her
As the seasons change
She waits patiently
Leaving her mind in the sky
Wishing on every shooting star
Staring at the shinning moon
Wondering when the beauty shall come
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 3
Do not weep
Do not cry
Go to sleep now
For tomorrow is a new day
One step closer
To us being together
Once again
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
On the surface of the mask
Shows a calm and ready face
That appears to be ready
To take on any challenge that faces it
But underneath the mask
Is a terrified soul afraid
To face the world
Yet has no choice
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 1
Bittersweet Lies
Sweet words are said
They turn to ice in mind
Their all a bitter lie
No matter how hard you try
To beleive their real
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 1
You Aren't Here
When sitting in my room alone
Not being able to sit still
Or having nothing to do at all
I think of my favorite place
My special safe house
The place I can always go
Whether I'm stressed
Or just need out
A smile comes across my face
Then I pick up my phone and enter the text
"Hey, Darling, can I come over?"
Before I hit the send button
I realize I can't go to my favorite place
I can't go to my special safe house
Because you are my favorite place
You are my special safe house
But you aren't here anymore
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 0
She fell to her knees, and dropped the razor
The water continued to fall from the shower
Pain has spread throughout her body
The feeling have gotten so much stronger
So she collapsed in tub, and cried
She just cried and cried and cried
Because she finally couldn't take it anymore
and broke down
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 2
I Will Come Back
No matter how much she screamed, nothing would change. The news destroyed her. She cried for hours and hours, yet he still held her. Stroking her hair just to try and calm her down. She just sobbed more whenever he did.
"It'll be alright, Love. Time will pass and I'll be back before you know it."
He tried to wipe her tears, but it didn't really work. The tears were still dripping down her face. she gripped him tighter, and shoved her face into his chest.
"It will feel like forever," she mumbled "I don't want you to go. Please don't leave me here. What will I do..?"
"I have no choice, I'm sorry darling. I'd stay if I could." He kissed her upon the forehead. "I want you to stay strong for me."
She began to cry even more, not know how to handle this or what to say. She sat up and look him into his hazel eyes. They looked at each other for what seemed like forever, but was only 2 minutes. He kissed her on the lips, then pulled away.
"I will come back. I can promise you that. I won't leave
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
What's The Point
What's the point in holding on
When all that you love
And all that you want and need
Is gone
Leaving you alone to face the world
On your own
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 3 7
Still Leaving
I beg and I plead
Yet you're still leaving me
No matter how hard I try
No matter what I do
Nothing will change
You will still be leaving me
I have to keep my head up though
Because you said you'll return
"To my sweet kiss" you once said
The the pain of you leaving will fade
Then I'll get anxious for your return
But until then
I'll have all of our memories
Locked in my head
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 0
In our hearts
You're not gone
You're all around us
The sun shine all over
All the little rain drops
The shadow on the ground
Every little thing
You may not be coming home
Because you're already there
In our hearts always
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 1
You sneak up behind us
Take the ones we love by surprise
Leaving us in tears
And without a friend to talk to
Or a family member to visit
Your dreadful curse takes lives everyday
Makes people suffer day in and day out
Families suffer everyday because of you
You silence people
Who still have a lot of things ahead of them
Why do you have to be so cruel?
Why do you have to take our loved ones?
Why can't you just leave us be,
So we can continue on without constantly
Being afraid that you'll show up at our door step.
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 0 9
I'll stay up all night
With my window open
So I can listen to the breeze
The rain will start up soon
The sound of it trickling down
Will soothe me greatly
Leaving me relaxed
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 0
You have given me purpose
A reason to live
You brought light to my soul
Love into my heart
You are my strength
You're why I'm still breathing
:iconginger-lynn:Ginger-Lynn 1 3

Random Favourites

No matter what I matter to you
No matter how loudly I scream,
I can't be heard.
But no matter how soft I think my voice is,
you can hear me.
No matter how much I look,
I can't seem to see.
But no matter how much I cry,
you still wipe the tears from my eyes.
No matter how hard I listen,
I can only hear my heart beating.
But no matter how long it takes,
you'll keep singing until I hear you.
No matter what I hold onto,
I still fall.
But no matter how many times I fall,
you'll always be there to catch me.
No matter how many times I try,
I still fail.
But no matter how many times I lose,
I'm still a winner in your eyes.
No matter how much I try to fit in,
I still stick out.
But no matter how different I am,
you say you love me the same.
No matter how far I run,
it's never enough.
But no matter how far I go,
you'll follow.
No matter how many people are there,
I still feel alone.
But no matter how alone I feel,
you'll always be there for me.
No matter how many times I check,
there are still monsters under my bed.
But no ma
:iconpersonnumber4:personnumber4 6 3
My First
" Baby I know, the first cut is the deepest"
You were my first everything
My first best friend
The first person i let see me cry
The first person who cried to me
And the first person I tried to fix
My first same sex crush
My first real kiss
The first, and only, person to get me to drink
The first person i gave my everything to            
The first person who promised to be there no matter what matter what...
The first person to use me as a punching bag. A pet. A Yes man.
... A marionette
And the first person to shatter me.
" I tear my heart open. I sew myself shut. My weakness is that I care too much. You were drowning in the water, so i offered you my hand, I left my heart open but you didn't understand. Go Fix Yourself"
I cut my strings
And once I did
I became nothing but a broken toy to you.
What do you do with broken toys?
Apparently you th
:iconbroken-doll-discord:Broken-Doll-Discord 39 45
Black is the color you wear at funerals
When a piece of life is dying
A thousand eyes stare at an end
And everyone is crying
Black is the color of the night
That holds you every time you cry
Darkness catching every tear
From every last goodbye
Black is the color of those pesky crows
That linger on your heart
Their tormenting screams and painful pecks
Only help perfect your art
Black is the color of an angel's wings
That have fallen to the ground
Breathing life into the carcasses
Of dreams you had that drowned
Black is the color of your eyes sometimes
But in my soul I hold this pen
To write away your tears and sorrow
And make them bright again
But finally, black is the color you wear when you walk up on that stage
And stick your middle finger to the world
As I smile from the crowd, thinking
You go get 'em girl
:iconitotallycantdraw-woo:itotallycantdraw-woo 11 8
he is all crooked smiles
skinny jeans and
fists soaring like eagles,
flying him to saturday
detentions and the
principal's office
machine-gun mouth
firing out curses like
bullets – fast and furious
and eager to rebound
and hit him in the face
carrying a book heavier
than his own weight
in stolen goods, full of
mistakes and lies and
resentment like a
forest fire
facial expressions limited
to scowls and annoyance,
eyes black from either
make up or punches, screaming
defiance like a new born child –
loud and clear and painful
and he is all crooked smiles
skinny jeans and
but I think he's beautiful.
:iconsugarcovereddreams:SugarCoveredDreams 17 10
still alive
i have dealt with
and hate
and abuse
suicidal thoughts
and self hate
and im sure
you have too
but the fact
you are reading
this poem
proves one thing
you have lived through it
the fact that you are alive
means the bad guys
are not winning
the fact you are alive
should put a smile
on your face
:iconhikaru-nara-kheel:hikaru-nara-kheel 28 39
I promised you I'd stay alive
Only for you, only for you.
And you looked at me and said,
'Good...because I need you always.'
And I smiled.
As you found her
My friend warned me,
His eyes cautious, his eyes pained.
'He will soon forget you,' he said...
And my world fell apart.
Months passed
And I realized he was right
More and more each day.
I was being forgotten...
'Looks like you don't need me anymore..'
I looked up at the night sky that evening...
The stars forming my favorite shapes
The moon piercing me in a way I'd never felt.
Perhaps..because..I wouldn't ever see it again?
I got the paper, I got the pen
And I wrote, wrote, wrote...
Until my hand ached.
I folded the little page
And put it on my bed,
And hoped it would reach him.
Then I took the rope
I tied the knots
I stood on the chair,
Then jumped away.
I woke up again...
In a bright place.
Below me was a glass floor, and I could see the world.
I saw him.
I found myself growing closer
Until I stood right in front of him.
The note
:iconemopanda6:emopanda6 46 11
a world of black and white
"i love you."
"i don't believe in love."
"...why not?"
"it's just a bunch of junk made up
by reality television and sappy poets."
"but you're a poet."
"no, i'm a smart ass who pretends to
know everything."
:icontearsfadewithyou:tearsfadewithyou 24 2
Getting Better
For many years now on the brink of madness I have been hovering
Though after a long time and many sleepless nights I am recovering
It has been a long struggle and to say the very least it has been rough
I'm under no delusion, I'm only getting started, I know the rest will be tough
It is happening after finally giving up on trying to fix myself on my own
That's because I'm tired of depression being something to which I'm prone
After years of horrible images in my dreams taking me to the very brink
I finally gave in to the concerned thoughts of a friend, I went to a shrink
They are doing what I couldn't, my psyche she is actually managing to rewire
I am finally becoming confident that I can actually have the things that I desire
I have to spend an hour a week talking to a stranger about my deepest fears
After I do that I spend time with those I hold dear and my pain disappears
Because of this progress I know that there is one who I truly need to thank
Though when I try to voice this thou
:iconblueturtle9:Blueturtle9 15 31
nyan cat nails by Ninails nyan cat nails :iconninails:Ninails 1,843 339
Suicidal Attempts
You had broken my heart
And I had never thought I could cry as much before.
I haven't slept the last couple nights;
You've been on my mind for days and more.
Do you remember that time when I held you?
That time when I slept in your bed?
You were upset, but I held you close,
And kissed your tears away just like I said.
You were there for me, too, but now you're not.
And I will never see you again, darling.
"I'm never too far away," you said,
But Heaven is only a one way trip for traveling.
You'll be in my heart, forever and always,
Why did you have to part??
I want to follow you desperately.
Can't you see I'm dying of a broken heart?
And so I walk, all by myself,
Looking for things that don't remind me of you.
Better to forget now, lest I do something terrible.
But my love, why can't I be there, too?
I miss you so much;
I thought I could move on.
I can't, hunny, you know I can't.
This trauma will never, ever be gone.
There's the swing you loved;
I remember how you sang that song.
:iconmissfero:MissFero 56 64
Just Once.
I'll only do this once.
I'll pull you underneath these covers, put the blanket over our heads as if we're little kids again just hiding from mom and her scolding face. I'll hold onto you so tight our breath will get shallow and and if it didn't feel so good, we'd realise just how bad it hurts our sides. I'll let you brush back my bangs, tucking them behind my ears, even though I hate the ugly twisted ear you adore so much. I'll stare into your eyes, noticing that you have a smokey gray outline on your pupils and sharp jagged lines inside those circles of dark brown.
I'll cradle your head in my lap, touching ever so gently every beautiful part of your face while whispering about all the vulnerable parts of my life that made the fear in me today. I'll even tell you about the times I cried until I couldn't breathe and how I questioned if I was worth anything but then I'll tell you how you changed me, made me feel so amazing and loved. I'll stumble through finding the right words of
:iconlil-christa:Lil-Christa 14 21
            Slowly the old man dragged his attention away from the spluttering fire and looked to the small group of children sat in front of him. Their eyes were wide and glittering with the impatience of youth.
            His bones creaking, the grandfather lent forward, "So," the short word lingered on the air, "You want a story....?"
            Nobody said anything, but the children's faces spoke for them. The youngest girl's lips parted slightly as she smiled hopefully.
            "Okay then," The grandfather settled back into his chair, "I'll tell you one," he paused, "Once, a long time ago, a young boy was walking in a forest. You don't get forests like that nowadays - people cut them down for building, burning and whatnot, but in that time
:iconpeghan:Peghan 21 47
The Beatles by Temima The Beatles :icontemima:Temima 1,113 280
I Miss You...
I Miss You...
It's amazing how lonely I am
without you by my side.
I miss you so much right now...
I need to feel you against me.
I want to melt in your embrace.
I need you so much right now...
I crave the gentle caress
of your lips on my neck...
And the way you whisper in my ear,
that makes me weak at the knees.
I want you so much right now...
I'm not happy until I'm with you.
I miss your smile and your laugh.
I miss your warmth and your touch.
I miss everything that you are.
I miss everything you make me feel,
when we're together.
Every passing day we spend apart
is pure torture...
but seeing you at last,
makes it all worthwhile.
But still I have to say...
I miss you so much right now...
:iconaquaartist:Aquaartist 202 37
Hello Pikachu by pikarar Hello Pikachu :iconpikarar:pikarar 5,470 373
Like someone ever will read it
I was laying in my bathtub and heard how the world around me still were alive.
Myself I couldn't understand how I even managed to still keep my eyes open.
I got forced out of the water because a friend wanted company, later by my father who were going to pick up a few things.
To be able to lay still in an eternity didn't feel like a choice to me.
I was laying in bed and felt that I didn't want anything to do with the world around me.
Though all I really wanted was to get a text from someone who cared, asking me how I felt.
The little feeling of feeling-good I had disappeared rather quickly when I realized that I wasn't about to get one.
To be able to relax an entire night didn't feel like a choice to me.
I don't wanna feel that I need to tell anyone as soon as I feel bad.
I do not seek attention in that way, and I'm not about to either.
To talk to the people that have said that I should talk to them, I don't want to.
What if they're having a nice evening and then I come and ruin it?
:iconcconstantine:cconstantine 27 42


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Guys, its been a long time, but I think I'm coming back here for awhile. It's been rough so... we will see.
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